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Role Play


The past two weeks Mary and I have been working with 10A and 10B on a role play about travel. They were to pair up in two groups. The first group was going to go to a city in America while the second group was to go to Great Britain. All group members had to speak and we divided them into travel agency, travellers, and locals. I helped the American groups while Mary helped the British groups. I wanted to post this video of 10A’s America group because it made me laugh so much. I love the laid back feeling of the end of the school year and doing fun stuff with the students like this. One more week of school left and then I officially leave Solomon Halita High School and the wonderful town of Singeorz-Bai.

Impact Bistrita


This past Tuesday, I along with Loredana and the English Inspector were invited as guests on an hour long talk show called IMPACT Bistrita. We were asked to talk about the PDM training that was to occur and to speak about volunteerism. The whole thing is in Romanian and I was really nervous and kind of disappointed with my language skills due to the fact of nervousness. It ended up turning out pretty well and I’ve decided to share it. I know most of you don’t understand Romanian so this is mainly serving as a placeholder for me personally.