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Winter Wonderland


I went on a light hike with Mary the other day. I took pictures.


I’m gonna miss this place.



I have been attempting to make a decent bread since the beginning of college and no matter how times my mother or aunt has walked me through the process, it always turns out hard as a brick or just tasteless. This time, thanks to the PCRO cookbook “Pofta Buna” I have finally managed to make a good tasting not rock hard bread 🙂

Broaştele Mele Țestoase


Yes ladies and gentlemen, those are turtles. I received 1 male and 1 female turtle from Loredana and Dana, the Econ and French teachers at my school. What I thought was just going to be a routine tutoring session, turned out to be quiet the surprise. When they showed up at my door and said they had a surprise for my birthday I was very excited, and then I saw a box with holes and birds pictured all over it and got a little bit weary. I heard something moving inside but had no idea what it was until i opened the box and to my surprise found these two very cute little turtles.

This present will be hard to beat 🙂

I would like to introduce you to Ion(the most common Romanian man’s name ever) and Porumbița (it means little corn or little dove, its a long story. I prefer little corn however). Apparently these bad boys are known to last forever so it’ll be interesting to see how I’m going to get them through customs at O’hare when I get back to the states.



This week I have focused on the kids learning about Halloween. I showed them clips about the history of halloween, we read how the jack-o-lantern got its name, played Halloween hangman, watched “Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and even read a story by Oscar Wilde. All of these fun activities culminated into the after school event today which consisted of some pretty awesome pumpkin carving. About 20 kids from all 4 grades showed up to carve pumpkins and then place them in various locations around town. After about 1.5 hours, a 5lb tub of jelly belly jelly beans, and many curious passerbys wondering what we were up to, we finished our masterpieces. We placed some by the Solomon Halita statue in front of the school, in front of my counterpart’s house, in front of the vice principal’s house and finally the rest in front of the principal’s house. When we showed up at the principal’s house, we all screamed happy halloween and then him and his wife came out with a bowl full of candy for the “trick or treaters”. I had a blast getting to know some of my kids better and I’m hoping to make the pumpkin carving school wide next year.

Click here to see all the pictures!!!