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Site announcements were today and man was it interesting. The staff did a great job setting up the school’s cantina for us. They decorated it with American flags, banners, and streamers. They set the announcements up like the Emmy’s so it was really fun to watch. My site is called Sangeorz-Bai. From the information I have gathered, it is a town of about 11,000 people. I will be teaching at the theoretical highschool and they have a lot of extra curriculars like Junior Achievement, entrepreneurship classes, and several ecotourism initiatives. The town is known as a spa town due to it’s 8 different mineral baths so It should be very nice. It’s in the foothills of the Carpathians and I’ve heard it’s absolutely beautiful. Walking up all those hills should give me an ass like JLo’s by the time my 2 years are up! Below is a little video I took of the adorably decorated cantina.



It was a very emotional day and, naturally, I cried. I didn’t cry because I was so happy to receive the highschool of my choice or what sounds like such an amazing location. I cried because I am sad. I am sad to leave this family that I have become a part of with my fellow trainees. I know, it’s so typical of me, but I just can’t help it. I value relationships with people so much that I know I’m going to be homesick for PST and Targoviste.


Enough of the emotional stuff, here are some facts that came within my packet:

  • I will have my own apartment
  • School Name: Liceul Teoretic “Solomon Halita”
  • Teaching 16 hours a week
  • Class size of about 25
  • Might be teaching a history content course
  • Extracurricular activities: English Film Club, Baccalaureate prep classes, small business practice firms, junior achievement
  • They want to start the school newspaper back up and have an English section
  • Job market classes

All in all I’m ecstatic for my high school and site. It’s the one that I really wanted when they mentioned it to me in my site interview and I’m happy I got it. I am going to be in the most picturesque part of the country and I just can’t wait to go visit it this weekend.


Our counterparts come in on Saturday and then on Sunday night we will be traveling to my new site for a few days!



It’s a Go!


GREAT NEWS!!! Just got word from the Moldova/Romania desk officer and she informed our group that we will be departing April 26th/27th for Romania with or without the government shutdown which is a huge load off of my shoulders!

On another note, here is some reading material that the PC has provided for friends and families. Enjoy!

Letter to Invities’ Families

On the Homefront