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Pasul Rotunda


For the weekend of March 8th, about 15 of the profs decided to head out to one of the peaks within our local mountain range and spend a few nights in a wonderful and secluded cabin. Friday night we headed to the cabin and spent the night unpacking, relaxing, and cooking dinner. Saturday was spent by a cozy fire, taking a hike which was cut short due to extreme fog and so much humidity in the air that my hair iced over, and riding around the mountain on an 8×8 which is like a mini tank and was such a surreal experience since the visibility was at around 50ft. At certain points it felt like there was absolutely nothing around us and we were just surrounded by snow. All in all it was a very fun weekend and really nice to hang out with my fellow¬†colleagues.

This Thursday I’ll be heading to Serbia for Tanja’s wedding and am very excited to see one of my good and oldest friends get married. I’ll be there for a week and then I’ll be heading back to Romania for a girls weekend in Brasov followed by our COS (close of service) conference in Sibiu.

Until then,

Va pup!