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The Difficulties of Dublin


So I landed in Dublin Thursday early afternoon and got to my hostel around 2pm where I checked into my private room and then just passed out for a few hours. At around 6pm I went to view a room that was up for rent which I later found out I didn’t get. Friday, I viewed two more rooms that I also didn’t get. Why, you ask? Because it has become dog eat dog in the renter’s game. Apparently there is a shortage of housing this year, prices have gone up, and UCD, along with many of the other colleges in the area have done little to assist students in finding housing. I have been watching the Dublin rental websites like a hawk and as soon as a new listing goes up that might work for me, I immediately contact the owner.

Saturday I met up with Saveta, a former student of Vasi’s from Singeorz-Bai. She is a few years older than me and has been living in Dublin with her husband for about 6 or 7 years now. She helped me get a phone and SIM card, a bus pass, and said she would try to help me find a place to stay. We hung out Saturday morning and it was just so nice talking to someone that understood where I was coming from that was willing to help me unconditionally.

After our meeting on Saturday, I had two more viewings and then curled myself up in my bed for a few hours before I was to head out to dinner with Matt, who was randomly in Dublin the same time I am, and his friends. I ended up going to bed fairly early on Saturday since I wasn’t feeling too well only to wake up to a cold this Sunday morning.

I didn’t have any viewings today and just kind of bummed around the hostel which proved to be quite beneficial. As I was checking into my new room (goodbye private room, hello 12 person dorm!) I mentioned how I am looking for a place to live and the girl and the registration desk told me that the hostel actually houses a lot of students and that I could get a private single room for about 160euros a month which is a little bit out of my budget but it does include all of the bills, high-speed internet, housekeeping, and it is in an awesome central location.

Depending on how the viewings go tomorrow, I will make my decision if I want to just remain at the hostel or keep looking for a room in a house for the upcoming year.

Things are looking much brighter and I can finally stop worrying so much and go out and enjoy myself in Dublin before school starts.


Wish me luck in finding a place!