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Probably the Best Pub in The World


The Tower

This weekend was filled with lots of fun and even more sun! SLAVA DOMNOLUI (Thank god) After all of those rains it was nice to see the sun come out and stay out all weekend long! Friday after class almost the entire PCT group along with the PCVLs (volunteer leaders) and PCV group 26 and 27’s came out to what we refer to as “The Blue Bar” which is basically a very basic old man bar that we and previous PCV groups have taken over on fridays and unintentionally kicked the old men out. We went to the bar and had a drink and just enjoyed each other’s company. A PCV from group 27 was in town this weekend and it was nice to meet him since we have been talking via FB for a few months now. After the blue bar a smaller group of us headed to what we like to refer to as “Our Bar” which is this cute little patio cafe/bar right next to the gorgeous Metropolitan Orthodox Church in the center of the city. We got some dinner there and just hung out for the rest of the night talking and playing games.

Since Saturday was so beautiful a fairly large group of us met up at Chindia park which is located right behind the Tower that Vlad TepeČ™ (Vlad the Impaler), Dracula, built himself. One could have not asked for a better day. We found a nice grassy spot and hung out, talked, threw around a frisbee, and such for most of the afternoon. After the park, some of us decided to stop by a place just because of its name. This place calls itself “Probably the Best Pub in the World” so naturally we had to go and see what was so great about it. When we sat down and started looking at the menu we realized it was called “Tower Pub” and “Our Bar” is called “Tower Garden” Basically the garden is owned by the pub and since we do think the garden is the best pub in the world (or at least in Targoviste) the slogan sufficed for the Tower pub. The rest of the Saturday was spent walking around the city center with Denisa and Izabela.

Today my language/teaching group met up with our practicum counterpart so we can just get to know each other better and discuss our lesson plans for the upcoming week. I have the 10th grade this week and have to think about what I will be teaching them for an entire hour…wish me luck!

On a side note…I will be having to call Dr. Dan(one of our PC doctors) tomorrow due to a certain…rather funny condition I have developed. Lets just say the bathroom has been my best friend recently and the funny part about this is that it started the day after I ate the dinner I prepared for my family. My host dad thinks the meat didn’t sit well with my stomach because I wasn’t used to it. So basically my own cooking go me sick and no one else…Way to go Jovanka…

Check out some pictures from the park and our meeting today. There are more from the Blue Bar on another PCTs camera that I need to steal soon.


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