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Being Social


I have developed a system of hibernation and studying Sunday-Friday and having fun on Saturdays. So far, this has been going well for me and i’ve been able to hang out with friends, get to know my school friends better, and start building some great memories here in Dublin. I know I know…took me long enough, right?!

Tonight (I know it’s Thursday and not Saturday but it was a special occasion) I had a social night and it was noteworthy enough to blog about. After a torturous 2 hours class on dissertation design and then spending about 7 hours in the library writing an essay, I headed to the village of Stillorgan with Lisa, Tim, and Mahmoud to watch a band called The Klares play. What is so special about this band that would drag me away from precious paper writing time in the oh so comfort of the UCD James Joyce Library, you ask? Well, maybe the fact that this band is a group of 15 year old Catholic school kids and the drummer is the son of one of my friends from my human rights module.

The Klares played an hour long set with songs ranging from The Killers, The Arctic Monkeys and Jimi Hendrix, as well as their original works. I am absolutely amazed as to how talented these kids are and want everyone to check them out. If you are a fan of The Arctic Monkeys (read: if you are not, I might reconsider our friendship) then you will enjoy these “lads” as well. You can check them out by clicking the link below.


In other news, things are both kicking into gear and winding down in regards to school. I only have 2 weeks of classes left. At the same time, I have 5 essays to write that average 4,000 words which is about 15 pages double spaced. I just finished one today so that means I only have 16,000 more words to write! WOO HOO! Also, In exactly ONE MONTH I will be home.