Easter Vacation


Since Orthodox Easter fell in early May this year, instead of having a 2 week long spring vacation, we had 1 week of spring vacation and now we just had a 5 day Easter vacation.

The first day we had off was May 1st which is International Worker’s Day or as we know it in the States as Labor Day. On Wednesday, our first day off, Varvara invited me over to hang out for the day since I hadn’t been over to her house in months. I had been promising her husband Adi some homemade chili so I figured this was the perfect occasion to fulfil my promise. Pot of chili in hand, I headed over to Maieru where I spent the majority of the day relaxing, reminiscing, and enjoying the company of Varvara and her family.

Since I don’t think I can survive if I don’t travel, Thursday morning I headed out to Anthony’s site, Negresti, to spend the rest of the Easter vacation. I have been promising him that I would come visit for the past two years and I FINALLY made it, with 2 months to spare! Anthony spent the weekend introducing me to his closest friends and students and we even got a visit from Jason who was in Iasi for a day and decided to grace us with his presence.

I got a chance to meet two amazing girls, Adnana and Andjelija. They are Anthony’s students and not only are they really good English speakers, they are such sweet girls. Andjelija and I automatically bonded because she has Yugoslavian roots so we were able to speak Serbian to each other. Adnana was also so adorable and she impressed me so much when she told me that she had read my blog before. She even ended up getting us Easter chocolates with a personalized note that she dropped off later on during the weekend.

I also got to finally meet Razvan. Razvan is to Anthony as Ioana is to me. Former student turned best friend. Razvan was Anthony’s student last year and is now a freshman at the university in Iasi. He was in town for the holiday as well and we got to spend some time with him. It was nice finally meeting him because I had talked to him many times before so I felt like I already knew him and just needed to put a face to the name.

Easter Sunday was spent at Anthony’s former gazda’s house. Like any typical EE family, they pulled out all the stops for us and we ended up have a 4 course meal. We visited Dana, who lives about 5 minutes away from Anthony, and we got to not only meet her family but also got a tour of her zoo. When I say zoo, I kind of mean it. This woman loves animals, especially birds. After battling with our eggs (I ended up being the undisputed champion) and our first course, we took our first food “pauza” and headed onto the property. After passing by the newly constructed soccer field/basketball court, Dana, along with her 7 and 4 year old grandsons Luca and Mario took us past the greenhouse where we encountered: a cow, about 5 dogs, many hens, rabbits, some that were born that morning, geese, pheasants  quails, ducks, and last but not least, TWO PEACOCKS. The woman has peacocks. I thought that was beyond awesome.

I left Anthony’s at around 7:30am on Monday morning and after hitchhiking into Iasi (about 50km), since absolutely nothing was running during the holiday, and sitting on a 7 hour long, 90 degree train, I am back home for a few more days until I leave again on Wednesday night for a training in Craiova.


Until then,

Va pup



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