English Camp That Was Not


So Mary and I had planned a pretty amazing English day camp for the students within the area. We had this planned since the end of the school year. We advertised at the end of the school year, had a facebook event, and I made sure to talk to every single student I ran into leading up to the event.  Megan, Meg, Grant, Aran, and Jeremy all came into town to help facilitate the event as well. On the first day of camp, which was to start at 9 in the morning, we had 5 kids show up. 3 current hig hschool students, 1 future student, and 1 high-schooler that lives in Ireland and is just in town for the summer. We waited until 9:30 in the morning to see if anyone else was going to show up and after they didn’t, I quite disappointingly cancelled the camp.

It is really upsetting when all the students always complain how life in Singeorz is so boring but then when I give them an outlet for that boredom, they don’t take advantage of it. I was really bummed the entire day because I did work very hard to make a pretty awesome schedule and Mary worked a lot with the Eco-Rodna organization to plan a cabin trip for the last two days.

Even though the camp was a failure (not the first one i’ve had at site either) we have still made the best of it. It has been very nice and relaxing just hanging out with some of my closest PC friends for a week not having anything to do. We’ve been keeping ourselves occupied with arts and crafts, walking, lots of cooking, eating, and drinking, and card games since the weather hasn’t been very cooperative either.

We are in town until the end of the week. We then hope to head down to Jeremy’s site by Ploiesti for a few days before we head to an all volunteer PC training event in Bucuresti. The summer is winding down and I can’t wait until school starts so I can get back into a routine.

Until next time,

Va pup!

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