After a year in country I finally got the chance to visit Sibiu. Sibiu is one of the fortified cities within Transylvania that has a huge Saxon influence. After the TTT conference, which was about half an hour outside of the city, our dear friend Miha was nice enough to let us stay at her place for the night before we headed on to GLOW camp. Some of the participants from the conference also decided to stay including the PCMoldova girls. The old citadel part of the city is absolutely amazing and I definitely want to make it back in the near future.

The day after our night of wandering the city and enjoying each other’s company, we decided on a plan on action as to how to get to the GLOW camp. Since Miha and I had to still run some errands in the city and buy a few last minute things for the camp, we stayed back and Ester and Brad headed for camp on the bus. Miha and I joined her parents in the car and it was a very tight 7 hour car ride. We packed the car to the roof of our personal belongings, stuff for camp, things we thought we might need for camp and wanted to bring just to be “on the safe side”, food, and last but not least, some bottles of spring water that we picked up on the way. By the end of the trip one part of my body smelled of pickled cabbage since it defrosted on my leg.

It was a fun ride nonetheless and with great company. Miha is one of the member’s of Scoala Pentru Viata, our GLOW partner NGO and she and her family are amazing people. Since she lives in Germany most of the year and the only contact we have with each other is via email or skype, it was nice to spend some good, quality time together.

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