Darcy and Joanna Take On Eastern Europe: Part 2


When we arrived back to Singeorz on Friday I did not give the girls any breaks and put all of us straight to work. I called two of my students and between the five of us, we had 90% of my apartment moved within an hour.

I need to side track a little here and talk about the new apartment. It is within the same complex of blocs as my old one but doesn’t even come close. Having this new place has made me realize just HOW lucky I was in the old apartment. This new place hasn’t been lived in in a while and smells as such. Even after leaving the windows open round the clock for the weekend, it still smells musky. There is also a lot of cleaning A LOT OF CLEANING and organizing to do as well as some reparations in the bathroom. I had a rough moment when we first moved my stuff in but I am going to make the best of this place and need to remember that things can always be worse.

Back to the rest of the weekend. After moving all of my stuff we finally got a chance to relax for a bit. An hour or so later, Anthony came with his friend Ryan from the states. Anthony is a fellow volunteer and a very close friend that I don’t get a chance to hang out with as much as I’d like to. The five of us headed to dinner and then met up with Dudu, a very hilarious friend of mine and my counterpart Mary. We headed to the park to grab a drink at one of the patio bars and spend the night catching up and getting to know each other better.

I spent all day Saturday cleaning and all I really got done was half of the kitchen and the bathroom. The bathroom was my main priority since it was so filthy it made me gag when I first walked in there. Around 6pm, we headed out to dinner at a nice restaurant in the park. This was where we met Silviu. Silviu was the man sitting at the next table that heard us speaking English and struck up a conversation. We learned that Silviu lived and worked in Florida for 10 years and now owns his own limo service and was in town working a wedding that actually took place within my building. We also leanred that Silviu is one of my students’ uncle which made things even more interesting. After spending our dinner getting to know Silviu, he offered us a ride home in his Limo that was actually registered in Florida. How could we have refused? When I realized we were going in the wrong direction, I asked Silviu where we were going and he said that we were going to the next town north to meet up with Dennis(Silviu’s nephew and my student) to surprise him. And Dennis was very surprised to see his English teacher and 4 of her American friends pulling up in a bright white limo. We ended up seeing a few more boys from Dennis’ class and after hanging out with them for a bit, Silviu drove us home and we all unanimously agreed this was one of the best nights ever.

Sunday was very low key. We headed out for a coffee and some lemonade at the local cafe and just bummed around. Anthony and Ryan left around 4pm for the rest of their trip while we stayed back and planned the rest of the day. We made a nice dinner, took a walk around town, and thanks to Teo and Loredana, got hot showers. Teo was my knight in shining armour once again and brought me some wood so I can heat the boiler. Yes folks, you read correctly, I HAVE A WOOD HEATED WATER HEATER! we’ll get back to that some other time.

Today(Monday) we got up at 6 to catch a 6:45 bus that never arrived, naturally. We did find a shark that was willing to take the three of us all the way to the bus stop in Bistrita so we could make our connecting bus to Sighisoara. And that is where we are now. On the bumpiest ride of our lives!

Until next time,
Va Pup!





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