Just a short update of what I have been up to lately which isn’t anything very exciting.

This past weekend was a four day weekend since May first was Labor day so us in the schools got Monday and Tuesday off. Friday I got off of school as well because I went to Cluj to meet up with some people that I am working on the Train the Trainers project with that I have previously mentioned. Group 27 was there for their COS conference (close of service) and since Brad is in 27, he was there, along with our PC counterparts, and our NGO counterpart Ale who lives in Cluj as well. We got a lot done and finalized the application which went live today and has been sent to Romanian professionals throughout the country. I can’t believe how far we have come with this conference and how much support we have received from the entire Peace Corps office in Bucharest. I can say we are very fortunate to have work with such awesome people.

The rest of Saturday and Sunday was spent hanging out in Cluj with Mary and just being outside in the 80 degree weather.

Monday was extremely relaxing for me. I let myself sleep in till noon then took a two hour nap from 1-3. Yes, I know, I’m a bum. After that I headed out to one of the hills for a little hike and some alone time. The hike is decently steep but fairly short and within 40 minutes I was at the top overlooking the entire town and enjoying a great view. I hung out on the hill for about an hour or so just relaxing and enjoying my own company.

Tuesday was spent as the Romanians say “in verde” literally translated means in the green but it actually means outside in the forest/fields/nature. I still can’t believe that the weekend before I left for spring break it snowed and this weekend was in the 80s. Apparently in this part of the country, spring doesn’t exist.

That’s all that has been going on lately. I’ve been hanging out with friends/teachers/and students in my free time and enjoying the fact that I can be outdoors again.

Until next time,

Va pup!

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