So my Serbian adventure started in Bucharest. I had a physical and cleaning scheduled for the 12th so i moseyed on over there after visiting my gazda in Targoviste. The Buc trip was very productive. Not only did i get checked out, I had a good sit down with some PC staff and the PCVL that are helping us plan this whole train the trainers conference. After leaving the office, I headed to dinner with Andrea and Anthony and had an absolutely great night with them. Since I didn’t want to carry around the 2 liters of homemade wine and .5 liters of blackberry brandy my gazda sent for my uncle in serbia, we decided to get rid of it before I headed out for my flight. Fabulous idea.  After an hour of sleep, I headed to Henri Coanda to catch my 7am flight.

Since there are no direct flights to Belgrade, I had to change planes in Vienna and only had about 40 minutes in between flights. Luckily for me, read: unluckily, my flight from Bucharest was about 15 minutes late. If you did the math, that means by the time I landed I only had 25 minutes to get off the plane, through security, and to my gate for my next flight…I made it…my backpack was not so lucky. (it ended up getting to my aunt’s house the following day around noon)

I was met at the airport by Vanja, Vlado, and my aunt and we headed on our merry way to Novi Sad.

The rest of my days are one big blur. Since Vlado and I are unbelievably close, we tend to spend every free minute with each other when I am in town so it is safe to assume that he was present wherever I went. Friday was spent just hanging out and napping since I was absolutely exhausted from the sleepless night in Bucharest. Saturday was spent visiting family and I even made it in time to see my cousin Aleks from Germany that I haven’t seen in over 13 years. Our paths never are lucky enough to cross when we are in Serbia. Sunday was Easter so I made some rounds to more families’ houses with eggs in hand ready for battle. I wasn’t very lucky and only had one 6 win streak with an egg that I picked up at one of my cousins’ houses.

Its very difficult for me to write on hear about what I do in Serbia because frankly, its just a lot of going from house to house. I can’t even count how much family I have in and around the city of Novi Sad and I never end up seeing all of them.

One thing that was very exciting during my trip here was seeing the newest addition to the family. My cousin Ivana’s son Filip was born late last year and is about 6.5 months old. He is the cutest thing every and loves to snuggle. The time I was there, he did not cry once and loves to smile and make baby noises. My heart melted.

While chatting with my aunt the other day, I realized something. She asked me who I’ve missed and I immediately said no one. This is partially true. I honestly very rarely miss people and that is because I subconsciously close off that part of my brain and end up missing people while I am with them. When I am with all of my family here, that is when it really sets in how much I do love and miss these people. Four days is not nearly long enough to be here. Hell, I don’t even know if i’d be satisfied with 4 months but as the Romanians say…Asta e!

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