Thursday and Friday


These last two days were dedicated to sports and class outings. I got to watch some pretty awesome handball games (thanks to some awesome students for fully explaining to me all the rules and walking me through the game) and was invited by Mary’s class (9D) to attend a picnic with them on a hill overlooking the town. Scoala altfel has officially come to an end and now we can say “Sup?” to 2 glorious weeks of spring break!

The picnic was great. We went up the hill to one of the student’s cabins and hung out, played games like simon says, mafia, peek-a-who, and I even taught them ultimate frisbee. Unfortunately, my team lost 2-5 but it was great nonetheless. We did have some issues with throwing the frisbee off the side of the hill and it rolling away.

P.S. Thursday, I was forced to sing kareoke…they put on Adele’s “Someone Like You” followed by Queen’s “I want to break free” and then I insisted of doing one on my own which was my go to Chingy’s “Holidae Inn”. Yes, you read correctly. I rapped in front of about 30 students. Don’t worry I used a censored version and told my students that if they could successfully complete a whole american rap by the end of the semester, i’ll give them a 10. I wonder if anyone will take me up on it.


On the radar for this weekend is a cabin trip with 10A then heading down south on Monday.

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