Școala Altfel


Școala Altfel, or “Different Type of School” is a week of non formal learning that is taking place nationwide this week. My school has decided to create various week long workshops and have the students sign up for whichever one they would like to attend. The students had the options of: Music/Dance, Volunteerism/ Sport/ Journalism/ Driver’s Ed/ Games of the Mind/ and Literature and Film. I have designated myself the official photographer since I didn’t want to sign up for one specific one and said I would help wherever needed. Here are some of the pictures and videos taken of today:

This first video is of one of the music workshop groups singing the European Union Anthem

The second song is a Romanian song called La Oglinda (At the Mirror)

Tomorrow a group of about 50 students and some professors are going into the national park up the valley to Cascada Cailor (Horse Waterfall).

Until next time, va pup!

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