Nice Surprise


After I got home from tennis tonight, I got on my computer and immediately received a skype call from one of my best friends Joanna. I didn’t think anything of it until I saw 20 something 7 year old staring at me and yelling HIIII! She is an elementary school teacher and they were learning about money and decided to skype me to find out what money is like in Romania. I taught them about the Leu and taught them how to pronounce it. i showed them a 5lei bill, 10lei, and some coins and they were SO amused. Then Joanna let them ask me some questions and they were:

1. What kind of car do I have? – I had to tell them that many people here don’t have cars but they do have horse and buggies!

2. Do you have a boyfriend? – As soon as I said no, the whole class went..”awwwwwww.”

3. Do you have pets? – I told them about Ion and Porumbita and then showed them my turtles.

4. Do you have a tv? – I showed them my tiny little TV with built in VCR and only about 3 kids knew what a VCR was.


They were beyond cute and I can’t wait to come in and visit them during classtime when i’m at home. They seem pretty excited as well 🙂



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  1. Being the guest in a kids’ classroom is soooooo cool. Especially for someone like you who now hqs scads of experience.

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