Street Dance

Street Dance

Saturday I had the pleasure to go with some of my students and a fellow teacher to watch our high school’s street dance team “Jokers” perform at a competition. The competition was held in Bistrita (the county seat) and had participants from not only our county, but Alba Iulia, Suceava, and Iasi counties as well. We saw some great dancing and it was a pretty good time. I, unfortunately didn’t get a video of my favorite group, a group from a high school in Vatra Dornei that did an amazing job.  Unfortunately, our team was disqualified for having too many members participating. From my understanding, the rules were changed very recently and no one was notified, not even when they arrived at the competition. Oh well, at least they represented our school with pride. Below you’ll find some pictures and videos of the event.

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Jokers dancing their first routine

This next video is the In Action Juniors group that did not participate in the actual competition. The cute little girl in the in pink, only 4 years old, was the youngest dancer of the night. It was also her birthday.

Jokers’ Second Routine:

Finally this is the group B-Cult performing. They are from Bistrita and ended up winning the county wide competition.

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