Balul Îndragostiților


So I can say that last night was and was not a success. It was not a success in the fact that we did not raise money and ended up a few hundred lei under but at the same time it was a success because everyone that came seemed to have a blast. We had around 90 people show up including professors and the party lasted till about 1:30/2 in the morning.

First off, I need to give a shout out to some of my students. Ghița, Toader, and Șagau where the three main ones who planned this entire things, unfortunately Toader wasn’t there to witness the event because of a case of Measles. Yes, you read correctly, Measles. Apparently there was something wrong with the MMR vaccine that this current high school generation received when they were little and there has been a Measles epidemic in school. I have at least 5 kids that are not in school every day because they are home sick.

Sagau, Ghita, and Toader

The couples contest started around 9pm and included events like a declaration of love, boys putting lipstick on the girls with their mouths, girls having to rip a piece of paper into a symbol of love with their teeth, orange dance contest, limbo, regular dance contest, and my favorite a logic questions contest. The logic questions were put together by my friend Paul, the math teacher and they were hysterical. Some of the questions were:

Q: What is the female version of a train?

A: A tunnel

Q: Brad Pitt has this but it is short, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s is long, and the Pope doesn’t use his.

A: A last name

Q: What is the difference between 1000 black bears and 1 white bear?

A: 999

Q: What is a turtle without a shell? Naked or homeless?

A: Dead

Q: Where do women have black and curly hair?

A: In Africa

To say that some of these questions got some laughs is an understatement.

Below is the Video to the dance contest which I found pretty amusing as well.


All in all, it was a fun night. I’m glad that we organized it and i’m happy that my kids took up the responsibility of planning it.


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  1. Awesome to hear, glad the dance went well. Also, I liked those questions, even though I think I only got one right. You need to host of these here when you get back…Have Dave do it =P

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