So, as I was cleaning the house today, I found the letter my future students at the time wrote to their new English teacher. I laughed, I cried, it was glorious. I have decided to retype it below for all of you to see how awesome my kids are 🙂


Dear Sir or Madam,

When we heard that an English teacher comes to our high school we all thought: OMG! The pleasure is on our side! We are very excited to experience the English “real deal”. We  are pleased to work with someone who doesn’t speak Romanian at all. Despite the fact that we have learnt English since we were little kids, we didn’t have the chance to prove our knowledge in a dialogue in a real life situation with a  native speaker.

It is true that we have very good English teachers in our high school but we all need an opinion about the way we manage to express ourselves in this awesome language, from someone who comes from the homeland of this marvellous dialect

We have in mind all kind of extra curricular activities that will make your stay more enjoyable. Trips, games, parties will help you discover the life we have here. We want to make you love this country and the people that live  here. We also hope we will have the chance to know better and understand the places where you live, the schools and the children from your country through your stories.

We would also like to mention the great food we have here, such as the traditional polenta or rolled cabbage and many others.

Be sure that we are very excited to spend time talking to you about everything and everyone we know and we hope that  you will like our lifestyle, our high school and all the teenagers around here.

Best regards,

Solomon Halita High school students



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