Quick Update


So the last time I posted, I had just arrived to Sinaia. I can’t really say that anything all that exciting happened the week of IST (in-service training) We didn’t really get to experience much of the city since we were in session from 9am until 6pm every day. The last two days of our conference, our counterparts joined us and I have to say it was definitely a blast. I haven’t gotten much of a chance to spend time outside of school with Mary since I’ve been traveling so much this semester so it was definitely welcome and I think we became a little bit closer after that as well.

December 11th marked the day that CFR (the Romanian train company) decided to say F-U to all of its passengers and change up all of the train schedules and routes. Thanks to the wonderfully incompetent ticket lady at the train station in Sinaia, Mary and I wasted about half an hour waiting for her to figure out our ticket situation when in actuality, ended up being exactly the same as before only with a different type of train car (aka a really shitty one with super uncomfortable seats that don’t let you lay down so you have to figure out how to sleep sitting straight up until 4am) but no big deal :/

This week has been filled with final exams for my students so they have definitely been on edge. All of my students have done very well and I have been very impressed with their confidence improvement throughout the semester. My grades are due in the catalog by Tuesday so hopefully I won’t have to scramble to finish up my testing on Monday. 

One new developement that has occured is with my Junior Achievement club. It consists of about 7 students and we meet every thursday after school. We have finally chosen an international festival to go to and that will be Antwerp on Feb 17th-19th. I’m pretty excited about it and they seem pretty stoked too. They are aware that it is a competition, an English speaking one none-the-less, and are starting to make progress when it comes to putting their company together. We have decided to call our company the knick-knackery and we will be making jewelry and other knick-knacks out of recycled materials. Some of the girls have come up with great ideas involving old wire or buttons and I can’t wait to get started! We are getting together with their parents this sunday and discussing logistics and financial questions they might have when it comes to paying for the trip. We are hoping to have everything squared away by the time we leave for vacation since our money and application is due by January 6th!

I’ve also been working on a project with a Group 27 volunteer to create a Train the Trainers sort of conference for interested GLOW (Girls leading our world) and TOBE (teaching our boys to excel) camps. This way the GLOW and TOBE tradition will live on in Romania after PC peaces out. We have come to our biggest hurdle which, of course, is money. Funds are very limited within PC for grants and we are going to have to look to outside sources. So, dear readers, if any of you have any ideas as to how we can acquire money, would like to donate money to my cause, or know of any granting organizations, please let me know. We need your help!

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