Today I received two things that made me very happy. First was an apple. This isn’t just any old ordinary apple, oh no! It’s much better than that. It is my first apple that I have received from student. Needless to say when one of my 12 graders gave this to me at the end of class today, it put quite the smile on my face.

The second great thing that I received today was a birthday card from my parents that made me tear up. Its definitely going to be sad not being able to celebrate my birthday with my loved ones back home, but luckily for me, all in country volunteers have to converge at our emergency action point within the country for an evacuation system test this weekend. I’ll have the honor of spending my birthday in Cluj with 5 other volunteers which I love dearly. Both of my parents wrote something in the card.

My dad wrote : “sve najbolje i najljepse sto roditelj moze pozeljeti svom djetetu zeli ti tata” Typical Milos; short, sweet, and to the point.

Mom(this is what got the tears going): “Davno prije nego sto je moglo da se okom trepne, dvedeset i peta vec mojoj dami je stigla. Sada ce biti Subota a onda je bila moja naj sretnija srijeda u mom zivotu. 12:25 kada si dosla na svijet tako lijepa kao i danas mili moj sine neka ti je sretan i blagoslovan rodjendan – tvoja mama”

My parents rock, despite their…interesting taste in greeting cards.

Since it was Halloween after all, i felt the need to go back to the high school and light the jack-o-lanterns that we left in front of the statue. Loredana, Teo, and I set out at about 7:30 on our adventure and ended up at Dana’s house where her boyfriend, Ionica made us some amazing tasting pasta with real Parmesan cheese he brought back from Italy this past weekend.


I ended up getting home fairly late and ended my halloween night with a burning fire and a string of garlic around my neck, ya know, just in case.

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  1. Courtesy of Google Translate:

    My dad wrote: “All the best and most beautiful thing a parent can wish your child wants your dad” Typical Milos, short, sweet, and to the point.

    Mom (this is what got the tears going): “Long before it was able to eye blinks, and the fifth dvedeset but my lady has arrived. Now would be a Saturday and then he was my best Wednesday happier in my life. 12:25 When you come into the world so beautiful as now my dear son let a happy birthday and blagoslovan – your mom “

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