A Weekend to Remember


Since this was our last week in classes, everything has been starting to wind down and even though we were thoroughly practicing for our upcoming LPI exams, we definitely had a lot more fun than usual. Tuesday, a group of us got together for “Seara cu Taco” or Taco night which was such a great success!


Friday we had our last day of language classes which were followed by a TALENT SHOW! Below are the videos.


Grant and the gang from Hawaii doing a hula


Some of the neighborhood children joined us


Whitley wrote a beautiful poem about our experience so far.


Matt’s Chewbacca Impression


Octavian, one of the language instructors, making up a song on the spot.


Saturday, Theron and Sarah’s gazda family threw all the volunteers a big party. It started at 3pm and went well into the night. It was an amazing time and a great chance to hang out with all the volunteers for our last weekend in Targoviste. There was a grill, drinks, and even a dj and waiter were hired.


Sunday we put on a 4th of July party in honor of all of our gazda families which ended up being a HUGE success! We created a pot luck so we would have enough food which inadvertently started a gazda cook off competition with several gazda moms trying to cook the best dish. We had face painting, a covrigi eating contest for the kids, seed spitting contest, water balloon toss, frisbee, and even a local Romanian folklore group came to perform for the guests. Sheila, our country director, spoke a little bit and thanked all the gazda families for taking us into their homes and helping us assimilate to our host country. They were all given certificates of appreciation along with some Peace Corps swag which they really appreciated.


This next week is going to be filled with many ups and downs. Tomorrow our LPI language exams start, followed by the swear in ceremony on Thursday at the American Ambassador’s house in Bucharest. Friday people will start saying their goodbyes as they begin departing for their sites.

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  1. Great post Jo! We reallly enjoyed the video’s. We are traveling this week, so in case I do not get a chance before you move to site to wish you luck…… I know you did well on the language exam today, by this time you have probably already taken it!
    Have fun going to the Ambassador’s house, Good Luck with your “move in” and continued success with the language and tasks ahead of you. Your group seems so strong, that will help everyone in the long run! So long for now, can’t wait to hear about your new site!

    Shelli Royer

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