Bine Ați Venit!!!


The Romanian landscape is nothing short of amazing. Today my counterpart Mary and I joined Micheal and his counterpart for a 9 hour drive up to our sites. We passed through Sinaia, Brașov, Sighișoara (the hometown of Vlad Dracul who was Vlad Țepeș’s father), many other random little Romanian/Hungarian villages, Bistrița, and finally arrived at Sângeorz-Băi. I have fallen in love with the countryside. The entire ride was filled with amazing views of forests, mountains, and rolling hills. When we got to the town, Mary’s family welcomed me with open arms and an amazing dinner of sarmale, smântână, and meatballs. After we had dinner, Mary and I went on a little walk throughout the town where she took me past the VILLA that I am staying in these next few days. We ended up seeing some of my future students who all seemed so eager to meet me and excited to have me as a teacher next year.  The town is very quaint and from what I have seen of it already, I like. Tomorrow, I am joining Mary in her classes where I will get to meet all of my future colleagues and more of the students.


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