Half Way There


As the artist Jon Bon Jovi would say, “We’re halfway there, living on a prayer.” And after making it through the half way point and only 2 people leaving so far, we’ve only got a little bit more to go. We had the second person leave this past week and our journey just reminded me of this song. It’s so corny but so true. I know that so far, I am doing fairly well and Romania and I are getting along. I know that not everyone feels the same for me and we all just have to hold each others’ hands and get through the brain drain of language lessons, technical sessions, and assimilating into the community together.

This weekend was fairly low key and very much needed. Friday Jeremy and I headed out to the center on a mission to find tennis racquets. After asking around for about a week we had no choice but to go to the one location in all of Targoviste that sold racquets. They were somewhat overpriced for something that would be regular priced in the states but they are nice so we got one for the each of us and a canister of balls. After our adventure, we met up with about 10 other PCTs and one of our PCVLs Ben at what I consider to be the best restaurant in the city.

I spent most of Saturday just lounging around with a sinus headache. I went to the Chindia Tower/Park with my host mom and younger sister and that was pretty neat. I learned that if you climb to the top of the tower with someone of the opposite sex, you will end up marrying said person. When this conversation came up every member in my host family through out a different PCVs name in hopes they would get a reaction out of me if they said the “right” name. My neighbor then told me to make sure I’m not climbing up that tower with all these boys and to just pick one and stay with him… WOW… I love how people take conversations and just run with them!  Later in the day, I decided to see how bad I have actually become at tennis.  It’s very difficult adjusting to a new racquet and it took a while for me to get into the swing of things. Jeremy and I played at the Chindia park and it was so cool because it was my first time playing on clay courts! When i got home I was so mentally and physically exhausted that I couldn’t even function in either language. I just sat around all drowsy and zombie like.

Today was another relaxing day with a very little amount of activity. I spent the early afternoon hanging out with Denise in the center just talking and catching up. It was nice to sit in the shade, relax, and people watch. We hung out till about 2pm when I went to go study for our language interview that we will have at the end of PST. I should really study more often but I’m just too lazy. I figure I can get around fine with what I have and i’ll pick up the rest as I go along.



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  1. halfway there, living on a prayer speaks to me, too. i’m living in a community in los angeles that runs a soup kitchen, and, as happens, three people are leaving within a week and a half. it’s amazing how the dynamic changes, but life goes on. good luck with all, including tennis:)

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