Romania, FINALLY!


I have lost all sense of time. I have no clue what day it is, my body doesn’t know the time, and I can’t recall the last time I’ve slept…

The journey to get here was definitely a long and tiring one. Starting off at our hotel in Philly, we left for JFK at 9:30am. After checking in and getting through security, we sat around at our gate for hours upon hours until our plane was ready to board at 5:15. When I got to my seat, I literally yelped! Why, might you ask? Well, because I got an exit row seat aka a crap load of leg room! We sat on the tarmac for about an hour or so after we boarded and we never really got to find out why but once we were up in the air it was smooth sailing. I sat next to Grant which is one of my fellow volunteers and talking to him made the trip MUCH shorter. We landed in Munich around 8:50am local time and an hour late. Our flight to Bucharest was supposed to take off at 9:25 but luckily, was also delayed due to heavy fog. We ended up sitting on the tarmac with this second flight as well and all in all made it to Bucharest about an hour later than we were scheduled to. My luggage made the trip through but two other volunteers were not as lucky. One persons luggage got sent to Vienna and another person’s luggage was MIA so  hopefully theirs ends up here soon. After we were so kindly greeted by a very large PC staff, we hopped on another bus and drove about two hours to the small city of Targoviste which will be the site of our training.

Here are a few pictures of the countryside from the airplane and the view out of my hotel window.

We’ve got about an hour to kill before we have to meet back down to fill out more paperwork but just wanted to give everyone a quick update and to let you know that I made it to Romania is one piece!

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