So i received an email from staging about two days ago explaining the staging process and what not. I just got a chance to call Sato travel and set up my ticket from O’Hare. I fly out of Chicago at 8:35am on the 26th to arrive in Philadelphia by 11 something to be at the hotel no later than 12:30pm. We were told that we are to dress business casual for staging and that we will basically have a mini orientation at the hotel on the 26th. Hmmm….wearing business casual while attempting to lug a rolling duffel, a 70L backpack, a 45L backpack, AND a carry-on will be almost impossible.

We are then scheduled to leave for JFK on the 27th with the entire group and I can’t wait to meet everyone. I’ve talked to a few fellow trainees and some current PCVs and can’t wait to finally meet and not just chat via FBim.

The countdown is at 27 days…and it is absolutely petrifying. Everything is coming together. My flight is planned, everything I need is bought and I have slowly started packing up the things that I don’t use on a regular basis. Most of my days are already getting booked and I’m trying to pack in as many last moments with my friends as I possibly can!


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