So after a month of procrastination, I have finally mustered up enough motivation to start learning Romanian. Coincidentally, I got an email this week from my favorite travel blog, matadornetwork.com listing the top 9 easiest languages for an English speaker to learn and Romanian was NUMBER NINE! WOOHOO! This eased my nervousness about the language a little bit until i started studying.

I’ve realized that with the random mix of languages that I know/am familiar with, I tend to confuse them. Serbian was my first language which I am fluent in and as you can see, I am also fluent in English. I studied Spanish for 4 years in highschool which doesn’t amount to much considering I would try to distract our teacher for the entire period with random topics of conversation. My record was 42 minutes discussing Michael Jackson. I also took a semester of German in college which is where I realized I tend to mix languages. When I first started learning German, or at least first started attempting to learn it, I would confuse Spanish, Serbian, and German grammar rules. Now trying to learn Romanian, I’ve found myself attempting the same things. In a way, the vocab is easier because there are a lot of similarities with Spanish since they are both romance languages and there are some Slavic influences within Romanian that I can pick up on as well. It is basically starting to be a big mess of languages that I am praying I can distinguish between soon.

My cousin Danijela was helping me study the other day and I told her how our placement is based on how well we master the language and her response was “well…expect to be placed in a very tiny village” so that is the current running joke….hopefully my language won’t be TOO awful by the time I’m done with pre service training :/

I guess I just have to take one day at a time and hopefully the submersion will greatly speed up the learning curve. On that note, I’m going to utilize the few words that I have learned and say noapte buna (goodnight)!


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